Pelouze Scales and Thermometers

Pelouze scales are high-quality, durable, well made and dependable. If you need an accurate digital kitchen scale, a food scale or a shipping scale, check out the large selection of reliable weighing scales, below. Pelouze makes a variety of scales used by restaurants, manufacturing facilities and shipping departments. A wide range of Pelouze scales are available for your food service business, distribution center or retail business. 

An example of the practical features of our kitchen scales and other precision scales is the fact that our 600-series mechanical portion-control scales are dishwasher safe and our 800-series mechanical portion-control scales are washable -- so product care and sanitation are not problems. Other food scales we offer include high performance digital portion control scales and our Y-line mechanical portion control scales.

You can also choose from several specialty weighing scales, such as our bakers beam scales, our Pelouze digital receiving utility scales and our briefcase utility mechanical receiving scales. Other handy Pelouze measuring devices which could help improve the efficiency and food safety practices of your restaurant or food service department include meat thermometers, infrared thermometers (ir thermometers), food preparation thermometers, digital thermometers, Pelouze dial pocket thermometers and Pelouze thermocouples. We also carry several multi function digital and mechanical timers, as well as several different options for oven thermometers.