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Parts For Big Wheel Carts

Parts For Big Wheel Carts

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M1564200 Wheel for 5642 and 5642-61


M1565400 Wheel for 5654-61


50565400 Axel for 5654-61


22564210 Wheel for 5642-10 On Back order until end of December


52564200 Axle for 5642-61


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*Parts are custom order and are not returnable.*

Please check your actual cart for the model number before ordering these wheels. Your cart may look like a model online and not be the correct cart. These parts are custom order and can not be returned. Please take a look at your cart on the bottom you will find the correct model of your cart stamped right into the product. If you fail to do so and order the wrong wheel they can not be returned.

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