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Smoking Management Solutions

View: Aladdin Smokers Station

Aladdin Smokers Station

View: Smokers Pole

Smokers Pole

View: Gatekeeper Series

Gatekeeper Series

View: Infinity Smoking Management Solutions

Infinity Smoking Management Solutions

View: Ash Trash Classic Containers

Ash Trash Classic Containers

View: Classic Smoking Urns

Classic Smoking Urns

View: Smokers Station

Smokers Station

Smoking receptacles are a necessary fixture in most workplaces, institutions and commercial establishments because the smoking restrictions that protect the indoor air quality don't apply once smokers leave the building. Smoking receptacles are usually an effective way to control the disposal of unsightly cigarette butts and help reduce litter on parking lot surfaces, walkways and steps.

Our wide selection of choices include wall mounted smoking receptacles and the self-extinguishing Alladin Smokers Station. Check out the array of outdoor ashtrays, metal butt cans and other cigarette disposal receptacles, below, for the style, size and features that best suit your needs.