Rubbermaid Microfiber Mop Heads

Full collection of Rubbermaid's Microfiber Mop heads Including: Maximizer Microfiber, Microfiber String Mops and Microfiber Tube Mops for almost any cleaning application!

View: Microfiber String Mops

Microfiber String Mops

Rubbermaid's large and medium microfiber web foot string mops in packs of six

View: Microfiber Web Foot Tube Mops

Microfiber Web Foot Tube Mops

Long-lasting Rubbermaid microfiber tube mop cleans and dries floor fast.

Rubbermaid Maximizer Microfiber Mops

Maximizer Microfiber Mops Pack of 6

Maximizer Microfiber Mops Blend delivers the highest absorbency ratio of any mop in its class.