Material Handling

The Rubbermaid Material Handling Group inlcudes: Utiltiy Carts, Tilt Trucks, Platform Carts, Cube Trucks, Office Carts, Dollies, Storage Containers and more. Please clcik the catagories below to view and purchase the material handling products from Rubbermaid.

View: Rubbermaid Utility Carts

Rubbermaid Utility Carts

Collection of push carts including: Utility, Xtra, Audio Visual, Cleaning, Ladder and Trademaster mobile work cabinets.

Rubbermaid 1306 Tilt Truck

Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks, Hand Trucks, Platform Carts/Trucks

Looking for a Tilt Truck, Cube Truck, Self Dumping hopper or a Platform cart? This is the collection for you. Also offers indoor and outdoor wagon platform carts and restocking trucks.

View: Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Convertible Trucks and Carts

Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Convertible Trucks and Carts

Looking for a jack of all trades cart? This is your spot. Four models of convertible carts and trucks to choose from for a multitude of applications.

View: Rubbermaid X-Carts Folding Basket Trucks

Rubbermaid X-Carts Folding Basket Trucks

Collapsible X Carts that have high volume storage with a low storage footprint. Three sizes to choose from with replacement bags available.

View: Rubbermaid Storage

Rubbermaid Storage

We offer the line of storage solutions that contains: Storage Totes, Palletote Boxes, Shelving and Mobile Workstations.

View: Rubbermaid Garden Carts

Rubbermaid Garden Carts

Collection of agricultural carts including: Wheelbarrows, Big Wheel Carts and Structural Foam ATV / Tractor Carts.

View: Rubbermaid Dollies

Rubbermaid Dollies

We offer several types of Rubbermaid dollies including: Brute, Slim Jim and Polyethylene Deck.