Rubbermaid Kitchen Utensils

We offer Rubbermaid's line of kitchen utensils that inlcude: Measuring Cups, Scrapers, Spatulas, Portioning Scoops and regular food scoops. Please click on categories below to view each collection.

View: High Heat Scrapers / Spoon-Shaped Spatulas

High Heat Scrapers / Spoon-Shaped Spatulas

Rubbermaid's High heat scrapers are a very popular option among chefs of all types.

View: Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you need a quality great performing Measuring Cup or set of spoons try these popular Rubbermaid Measuring Cups.

View: Scoops


Collection of Rubbermaid scoops for any food service need.

View: Scrapers / Spoon-Shaped Spatulas

Scrapers / Spoon-Shaped Spatulas

Ever popular line of Rubbermaid's Scrapers and Spatulas for the food service industry.

DB Industrial Supply is an Authorized Rubbermaid Dealer. If you have a direct account with Rubbermaid or have questions about warranties, please contact the manufacturer directly at 1-800-347-9800 or visit them at