Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Soap Auto Foam Systems

AutoFoam System
The touch-free AutoFoam system dispenses two multi-tasking formulas that encourage hand washing and meet the requirements from general washing to higher sanitation needed in the food service environment. AutoFoam has a generous 1,100 ml refill capacity and uses our Smart Sensor patented technology for reliable operation. Aesthetically superior styling and many color combinations to suit any washroom décor.

Foam Soap System
As a manually operated alternative, the Foam Soap system provides one-hand "push" delivery of soap making it low cost and easy to use. With an 800 ml refill capacity, this ADA compliant dispenser will fit with the décor of most washrooms. Soap refills include either Lotion Soap with moisturizers or Antibacterial E2.

Automatic foam dispensing is redefined by combining the highest capacity system of its size with world-class reliability and environmental savings! Patented Smart Sensor™ and Dry Cam Gear technology in AutoFoam deliver a concentrated dose of enriched foam to provide the most hand washes – up to 38% more than similar foam systems. Energy efficient technology ensures an industry-leading battery life of 120,000 doses or 3 years. Plus, boxless refills reduce packaging waste for maximum environmental savings.

Aesthetically Superior Design Enhances Décor

Contemporary, stylish dispenser design is available in a wide array of color combinations to enhance the image and coordinate with any washroom décor. Touch-free delivery of foam soap helps keep dispensers clean and inviting for customers.

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