Rubbermaid 9T73 Hygen Microfiber Janitor Cleaning Cart

Rubbermaid 9T73 Hygen Microfiber Janitor Cleaning Cart




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A complete system solution for your microfiber cleaning needs. All the features found in the 9T72 cart, plus...

  • Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber Charging Bucket platform; folds out of the way for use with Lock 'N Go bucket attachment.
  • Microfiber mop frame holder (holds two frames).
  • Two 30 Quart Storage Bins; perfect for keeping clean and dirty microfiber heads separated and can be removed from either side of cart.

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Length: 48 1/4 in 122.6 cm
Width: 22 in 55.9 cm
Height: 44 in 111.8 cm
Carton Height: 24 in 61.0 cm
Carton Length: 39 in 99.1 cm
Carton Width: 27 in 68.6 cm
Carton Cube: 14 5/8 ft3 0.41 m3
Ship Weight/Carton: 53 lb 24.04 kg


1. Is the vinyl bag really non-leaking?
Yes, the vinyl bag has heat-sealed seams, along with stitched seams to prevent the leakage of liquids from the waste bag. The zipper on the bag has been raised to the point where 2 gallons of liquid can be held in the bag without pouring over.
2.What is structural web plastic?
Structural web plastic is a highly durable commercial-grade plastic injection process similar to structural foam but with one major difference. Structural web is far easier to clean and maintain than structural foam, or injection-molding done with blowing agents. Smooth surfaces are far less likely to harbor germs and bacteria than rough surfaces.
3.What is important about a full-height cabinet and the locking doors on both sides?
Full-height cabinets provide the enclosure of all cart shelves at the same time, versus carts that have cabinets that only cover one shelf at a time. This reduces part breakage and speeds cleaning. Having a door on each side, which can be locked if desired, speeds access from either side of the cart for greater productivity. The doors click into position when closed allowing them to be left unlocked if desired, without swinging open as the cart rounds corners in the hallway.
4.What is the Security Hood option?
This tambered hood allows access from both sides of the cart, with each side having the ability to lock if desired. Like the doors, the hood can be left unlocked for quick and easy access.
5.What are the Comfort Grip handles?
These ergonomically designed handles are 20% wider than handles on our existing 6189 carts and curved to a more comfortable grip, making it easier for users to turn corners with heavily weighted carts. Additionally they can be gripped on the sides of the cart, for even easier turning.
6.What are the 5 and 10 quart disinfecting pails?
These caddies are designed to fit in the cart's top surface. This allows the area to be segmented into 2 areas, for greater organization of cleaning supplies including spray bottles, cleaning clothes, disposable gloves and disinfecting wipes. Note: the 9T83 5 qt disinfecting pails are sold in a 4 pack, which includes one each of blue, red, green and yellow.
7.What are the 30 quart storage bins?
These bins are designed as large drawers to organize cleaning supplies and quickly restock the cart from cleaning closets.


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